Oh hey I didn’t see you there…I mean it’d be weird if I did right? Anyway, my name is Kyle. Here’s a list I made that you can read:

·      Austin, Texas

·      Married to a girl way out of my league

·      I accidentally kill houseplants

·      Guitarist

·      I have too many guitars (according to other people)

·      Lover of beer

·      “Fan” of sports (I watch the Super Bowl most years)

·      I love Jimmy Fallon more than I love some of my own family

·      I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable

I wanted to get this blog going to talk about some of the things I like and hopefully you like too. Thanks for stopping by. 



“He’s funny.” – My mom

“I like him alright.” – Lauren (my wife)

“We’ve been friends since first grade, so there’s that.”- Chase Sanchez