Self Help-less

I’ve recently found a new love. Jon Acuff. Okay maybe love is a little strong, and really it’s more of a love for his writing than him as a person. Not that I couldn’t love him as a person, I’ve just never met him, and don’t want to go around saying I’m in love with the guy. Because I’m not…yes I am.

My brother in law recently let me borrow a book he had called “Quitter”. The tagline for it is “Closing the gap between your day job, and your dream job”. I was immediately sold. Talk about relatable! I’m pretty sure I read this book faster than any book I’ve ever read. I was mesmerized by it, how to work toward your dream job, what to do to get there, how to “hustle” your little heart out. After I read this book I used the word “hustle” about every other word I spoke. Don’t worry, I’ve since calmed down. Now it’s only once a sentence or two. I felt great after reading it, I was motivated and had all the information I needed to start working toward my dream. And I did. For about a week.

The excitement from the book wore off. Now that’s nothing against Jon Acuff, it’s just me being lazy…It was time for something new. What’s the next book I can get? I could go to the next one by Jon Acuff. Maybe something else with an equally awesome tagline to get me pumped up about how to make my dream happen. I fell right into a vicious circle of self-help. Actually it took my wife saying, “You know you can read all of those, but you actually have to DO what they say if you want to change anything.” Ouch…it was too true! Wives are smart you guys, or at least mine is. I had all the information, but none of the action. I could read these books non-stop and get all kinds of ideas, and ways to get my dream going. But until I do something about it, I’m just wasting time. Maybe it's because I’m actually afraid to pursue my dream, instead of just reading about how I could do it and feel good enough about myself to get by on that. AHHH too deep!

Well, this blog is actually one of my steps in actually doing something about my dream. I wanted to write more, and that’s what I’m doing. I may not write the most interesting things you read. In fact, sometimes I wonder who besides my mother would actually enjoy reading what I put up on here. But I can say it feels immensely better to sit down and do any work instead of doing nothing and thinking of the work I could be doing. These dreams and ideas have been building up long enough, and I’m thinking it’s time to act. In fact, maybe my next step will be writing a book. I’ll call it “How to Stop Being Lazy and do All of the Things You Just Read About in That Motivational Self Help Book” Okay maybe the title needs some work…but it’s a start.