On a Scale of 1 to...How High Does This Thing Go?

This can’t be right. I thought I had more time. Something’s wrong, very, very wrong.

I’ll never forget that day I stepped on the scale. My whole life they told me, and I never believed them.

“Yeah you can eat whatever you want now and stay skinny but just wait til you’re 30. That’s when it hit your dad too.”

Well the day seems to have come, and about 6 years too soon. My wife insists it’s nothing. That I’m not in the early stages of a beer belly, but the waistline of my pants disagree.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still scrawny as could be. But there’s definitely a change. I’ve heard myths that there’s a freshman 15 sort of thing that comes along with the first year of marriage. What am I just going to be another statistic? I’ve spent countless minutes looking up ways to get into shape.

So what are my options?

1.     Stop drinking beer


2.     Drink less beer


3.     Eat healthier

I guess I could stop going to Taco Bell as often as I do.

4.     Exercise

This one’s tricky. I could exercise, but I also just started watching old seasons of Fixer Upper on Netflix and that sounds more enjoyable.

One day you’re sitting around enjoying life, eating a burrito or two and the next thing you know, you’re sore two days after doing a 30 minute workout on Daily Burn. I have a problem. I started writing this after making a decision between going for a run or sitting down and writing about how I don’t run. This is just so much nicer. And I live in Texas, so it’s crazy hot right now. What am I gonna go outside in this heat? Or go into my apartment complex’s gym? Like I remember the code to get in. You know what, you’re right! I don’t need to be out there doing any of these things. I’m perfect just the way I am. You guys know just what to say….sorry I guess I got a little carried away. I'm by no means going to become some kind of fitness snob. And I don't plan on counting calories. But I definitely plan on making some changes, and following three of those four steps listed above. The first one was just outrageous. 

You know what…I’m going to go for a run* now.