Lent 2017 : Week Four

Well here we are. Week four. This feels similar to week three, in that nothing has really changed. Now I understand beer and social media aren't the hardest things to give up for 40 days. I've heard about people giving up their beds, which is much harder, and also just plain silly. Is okay for a grown man to use the word silly? Well if it isn't, I apologize. Silly, silly, silly, silly. Alright now that that's out of my system.

I think I've been missing a big part of participating in Lent. I've got the cutting something out part down. But I realized something today as I was praying. I realized, I think this is the first time I've intentionally sat down to just pray in the past couple weeks, if not the whole 40 days. Sure I've had some drive by prayers. "Thanks for...." "Please help..." "Why God whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy". Typical prayers I'll throw out during my commute to work and pat myself on the back for keeping my prayer life in tact. But what's missing is the intentionality behind it. I've only got a about a week and a half left. I guess better late than never to figure that out. All of that to say, my focus this week is prayer. Until next week.

Peace and chicken grease